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Another Point Of View

Another Point Of View has been developed on a simple model.

That Your people are Your business.

Business is built on the relationships and subsequent communications between two or more parties, each of which can offer the other a wanted or needed service or product, and some sort of trade occurs. Relationships and communications are developed primarily by people. It therefore necessarily follows that a healthy business is built by people effectively relating and communicating with others.

That’s where Another Point Of View comes in. A considerable number of businesses have areas and contexts where the relationships and communications, key to the healthy development and sustainability of their business, are less than effective, and could be improved even when they are working. We provide practical programmes, specifically focused on the particular areas within your business where enhancing current personal and team skills, and providing new tools and techniques, will produce the maximum leverage needed to improve the productivity of individuals, teams and ultimately the business.

You already have the resources (your people) and we would like to assist you in maximising the potential of your business.

Martin Wyse is the Owner of Another Point Of View.

He is a Professional Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach working within the Corporate and Public sectors, and with private individuals. He combines his bright personality, extraordinary communications and relationship skills, and decades of successful corporate experience to offer his clients measurable, sustainable results in the areas of corporate change and development.  


“Motivated, innovative, effective people who can easily communicate with those around them and build long term, sustainable, relationships, really are the key to your business health

- Martin Wyse

“Martin is a highly skilled, experienced, creative and intuitive coach and trainer. He focuses his attention on providing his clients with quality results driven programmes and coaching experiences.

He mixes personal energy, fun and humour with challenge and provocation to assist his private and business clients obtain their goals.

Having trained and collaborated with Martin over the past few years we would endorse his work as a trainer and an agent of change”

- Dr John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair.