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Another Point Of View

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You are Biased

We all harbour biases based on our experiences, expectations, accumulated knowledge and skills. In some circumstances these biases are useful, allowing us to focus on what needs doing moving forward.

There are cases though, where these biases are the cause of frustration and miscommunication, and can block creativity and solutions.

You can choose to perceive issues and relationships from a different perspective, either personally or with the assistance of others, and there are tools to help you do this quickly and easily.

Another Point Of View can teach the tools or be the other perspective for groups or individuals.

 Another Point Of View ,as a business name,emerged from our core interest in enabling individuals and groups to re-view and re-contextualise their Communications and Relationships, in both personal and business environments,with the aim of increasing their overall performance,productivity,motivation and achievements in whatever field they choose to focus on.And  the use of Double Description or Multiple description is a key tool/process in our tool box.

You have probably heard some of the following:To walk in another man’s shoes:See the problem from another perspective:Come at it from another angle:Getting out of the box, all of these allude to a skill we all possess.That of being able to view information using different perceptual filters.

What we perceive,our percepts,with our senses is limited by a number of variables such as the context we are in, the states or mindset we are running and the set of filters (expectations,beliefs,values and memories to name a few) in action at a particular point in time.When we shift these perceptual filters we are capable of re-viewing and re-combining information in such a way as to allow us to become aware of new patterns and new ways of being.

Unusual solutions to problems appear,answers to problems we have not as yet tackled,entirely new ways of approaching a process,in other words the skill of being able to create something new from something already available to us.

Additionally we can be surprised at the emergence of new information and patterns that could only exist because we have changed the perceptual variables or the context in which they are used.The process of shifting perceptual filters has many labels,double description(Gregory Bateson)multiple descriptions (John Grinder) being just two,and the process is a natural skill which can be enhanced with dedicated practise and a little training.

Another Point Of View is here because we believe “Your People are Your Business” and we would like to help you,and your people, grow  your business.

Consider each of the pictures here and tell yourself a short story about each.

Now roll your mouse over each.

Compare what you told yourself, to the expanded view.

Ask yourself “what effect did your initial judgment or interpretation have on your expectations?”

And how did it change, if at all, after seeing the whole picture?

Knowing how we do this consistently, what difference will it make for you to stop and consider


Another Point Of View?       

Welcome to Another Point Of View

Please take part in the following exercise,because you can :)