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Another Point Of View

Coaching is now a very important and invaluable tool in any business. Another Point Of View offers a number of coaching services all of which have been designed to increase the personal and professional development of it’s clients. Each of these services focus on the interpersonal and professional communications, and relationship management skills base of the client, and include the following areas and examples.

Professional Advancement: When working towards or having achieved a new position in our career, we very often find we need to change our’s and others perception of who we are, and what we are capable of achieving, in addition to learning and understanding the new role.

Skills Transfer: In an increasingly complex personal and working environment, developing and enhancing our communication and relationship skills becomes a key component in our ability to remain flexible, and meet our personal and business challenges with authority and confidence.

Performance Enhancement: Gone are the days when doing what we’ve always done is good enough. Increased, sustainable, personal performance is now an expectation, and with that comes a need to manage, maintain and enhance motivation and personal competencies.

Behavioural Change: Because we are individuals, in the broadest sense, our experiences, values, beliefs and social/cultural differences, along with changes in our environment, can produce behaviours that are incongruent with new circumstances and relationships. In this case we can decide to adapt or move on.

Personal Development: One or all of the above are likely to occur during our personal and working lives, highlighting the usefulness of setting achievable, measurable goals and long term visions, in addition to focusing and refocusing our intent to achieve them.

Everyone is different, we can’t not be, so at Another Point Of View we recognise that each client will have individual needs and aspirations, as will the business/industry they are in. We believe our coaching services provide a flexible, supportive structure to ensure each individual and business can maximise the potential of their staff. And to this end we offer a number of different coaching frames developed to do just that. From Executive coaching to Coaching clinics and The remote,flexible service for busy people Confidential Conversations.

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Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to match them. If testimonials would be useful we can put you in touch with current and/or past, private or business, clients.