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Another Point Of View

Creativity Unlocked

Is increasing,unlocking your creativity important to you?

Creativity is a naturally occurring process, in our mind, and can be repeated and enhanced with practise and a few tools and techniques.

Creativity comes from the integration of previously, and newly, accumulated information and knowledge, that is assimilated and combined in different ways to produce a new something.

The process of creating therefore includes the combining of new and old, along with the skills and particular mind, mindset of the creator. These skills can be many and varied, as will be the information and knowledge assimilated, and will be a key component in the process.

This 1 day programme will offer participants insights into the ways in which we accumulate and combine information, and therefore produce new ideas.

Techniques to improve the natural skills we have, that can allow us to increase our creativity.

Tools to enhance the speed and consistency of producing new ideas.

And insights into unlocking and or unblocking our creativity.

Who Should attend?

Those interested in building or enhancing their natural creative skills .