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Another Point Of View

Enhanced Communications Skills

What could be achieved if you and your colleagues communications and relationship skills were Improved?

Individual and team flexibility, in adapting to constantly changing corporate scenarios, is key to achieving consistent measurable results. Therefore, the way we communicate and relate to clients (internal and or external), colleagues, peers and management becomes increasingly important to a businesses performance.

This 4 day program has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to further develop their personal communications and relationship skills, and to raise awareness of how to increase the effectiveness of their current abilities, skills and experiences when operating in a fast moving corporate environment.

The program will consist of a number of modules providing participants with a basic understanding of how we communicate and relate to the world around us. Followed by a series of tools and techniques (appropriate to a business context) which, when practiced and applied, are proven to increase the likelihood of improving our ability to inform, influence and inspire ourselves and those around us.

The focus of the program is primarily the use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, with additional supporting tools, the time and space to practice both during the program, and in the intervening period between each 2 day session.

Enhanced Communications Skills is particularly applicable to teams and groups working closely with each other. Participants will be asked to bring real current  challenges to the programme to be used as working examples and as inter module work/feedback.

Enhanced Relationship Skills is a 4 day Modular programme for up to 15 participants, normally split into two 2 day training sessions.

Who should attend?

Teams and groups working with others and individuals where increasing and or enhancing their communications skills would be advantageous.