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Another Point Of View

From Problem to Solution

How many solutions take far too long to discover?

Once a problem or challenge arises the key to moving rapidly towards a solution is a fixed process that enables those involved in finding an answer, without wasting time and effort, throwing away insights, ignoring the obvious and de-motivating individuals and groups.

This programme offers a simple format for moving from a problem to a solution as rapidly as possible, and when combined with Results Driven Meetings will improve your internal problem solving significantly.

The Programme will provide a structure to be followed, in addition to a series of mindset/thought processes designed to guide participants to a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time it will ensure (when used as presented) that all parties involved in the process will be able to communicate with new comers, and others, in order to bring them up to speed when required, with a minimum loss of time and effort.

A 1 day programme for up to 15 participants.

Who should attend?

Individuals and groups not normally trained as project managers and who are involved in providing solutions to challenges in business or the public sector.