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Another Point Of View

Results Driven Meetings

Meetings taking too long,unorganised or ineffective?

Meetings are a necessary and important part of business. They allow us to communicate information and instructions that enable the business to continue growing and prosper.

Meetings are an ideal environment to assist in producing and developing new ideas, planning the evolution and realization of products, and highlighting areas that need attention and/or change.

They can also act as a means to get to know colleagues. Yet, important as they are, they seem to have a tendency to get hijacked by countless distractions, insufficient information and the propensity to start and finish late. The outcome of which tends toward more meetings, the negative motivation of attendees, and the slowing down of internal decision making and adaptability to a fast moving ever more complex business environment.

Results Driven Meetings is a 1 day participative workshop for up to 15 participants, designed to provide attendees with an increased understanding of what is needed to organise and manage meetings focused on enhancing business performance.

What would 30 mins saved at each meeting mean to you?

 Who should attend?

Those personnel involved in the arranging and managing of formal meetings.