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Another Point Of View

The Mind of a Leader.

A unique skills and knowledge update programme for Managers and Leaders.

The modern business leader is dealing with a considerably more complex and fast moving business environment than that of 10-15 years ago. And yet the principles and theories of leadership, although evolving, have not necessarily taken into account the developing understanding modern science now has as to the way we, as human beings communicate, relate individually and socially.

The programme covers new understandings in areas such as:

The effects of threat responses in the workplace and conversely reward responses.

The use of individual and group opinions, values and beliefs to assist in motivation.

How language can win or loose hearts and minds.

What difference focused attention can make to productivity.

How short bursts of training and learning in conjunction with repetition can produce more sustainable change.

What happens when a workforce produce their own insights or ‘aha’ moments.

The effect that expectation can have in achieving an outcome.

How to present information and visions and have them remembered and acted on.

How experiences and rituals can help build group identity.

A 1 day participative workshop for up to 15 managers and leaders of all levels.